An atmospheric space exploration game created for Global Game Jam 2017!


Left / Right - Turn ship

Up - Accelerate

Space - Shoot lasers (Weapons upgrade required)


Guide your ship through a massive galaxy in an effort to get home. Be careful as planets can pull you in with their gravitational waves, as well as destructive black holes which can destroy you instantly. Your ship runs on solar energy, so be sure to recharge by flying near a sun.


  • Take it slow! Speeding through the game will likely end up with you slamming into a black hole or sun. Don't be afraid to backtrack to your last sun if you get lost.
  • Suns emit large yellow waves - use these to guide you if your energy is running low.
  • Look for upgrades which will enhance your ship. Upgrades make a beeping sound that gets louder as you get closer.
    • Core upgrades will improve your maximum energy (and fully recharge your ship)
    • Engine upgrades will increase your acceleration and turning
    • Weapon upgrades will allow you to shoot down asteroids by pressing spacebar
    • Health upgrades will improve your maximum health (and fully restore your ship's health)
  • Once you beat the game, you will see your clear time and item collection percentage. For replay value and a greater challenge, try to see how fast you can beat the game, or if you can find all 15 upgrades!
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AuthorLucid Sheep Games
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Global Game Jam, Relaxing, Space

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